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Security Solutions & Services

About Us

Integrated Technology Solutions (ITS) is a revolutionary security company established to meet the demands of global security today. A subsidiary of the Al Jazira group established in 1992, ITS brings French roots to Abu Dhabi, to provide advanced, complete security and extra-low voltage solutions to corporate and private clientele.

In 2020, ITS evolved to include Cyber Security, Nuclear and Bacteriologic protection to its suite of security solutions. With years of global experience catering to clients with niche market requirements in Asia, Africa, and Europe, ITS plans to develop and expand its presence to North America as well.

Using the highest quality standards, advanced technology, and unparalleled policies of management, ITS offers a range of optimal solutions including:

  • Design and technical support
  • Installation and integration
  • Certifications and third party approvals
  • Maintenance and on-site services

Core Values

Integrity & Accountability

Committed to being uncompromising and responsible for all our actions, by adhering to the moral code, ethical values and fundamental guiding principles


Providing the highest levels of privacy and integrity in all activities


Tackling every challenge with innovative solutions, built on inspiration, experience and creativity


Tackling every challenge with innovative solutions, built on inspiration, experience and creativity


Staying one step ahead at all times – finding potential challenges, finding quick effective solutions, and detecting key risks



CEO Message

This year has been challenging for many businesses across the world. It has forced organizations to adapt and change the way they operate. At ITS Security, we take every precaution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients, employees, and partners.

We have presently integrated several smart options such as early detection, human protections, and disinfection technologies in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus and make it safer for our communities. Even faced with unforeseen circumstances, ITS Security continues to deliver a reliable, high-quality service across the globe.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the real heroes in this fight against Covid-19; the first responders, medical workers, police, and volunteers who continually risk their own lives to keep us safe.